A Rescue Mission in Education

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You Prepared an Alumnus To Provide Leadership for a Christ-Centered Alternative to Public Education in Northern Virginia

In 2021, as Loudoun County, Virginia, became a focal point for a nationwide parental-rights movement, Dr. Sam Botta (SOE ’06) emerged as a beacon of hope. As the head of school for Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA) in nearby Middleburg, Virginia, he’s committed to providing a Christ-centered education in an environment where students can thrive academically, socially and spiritually.

Dr. Botta answered the call to lead CCA in 2022, after hearing the vision shared by Pastor Gary Hamrick of Cornerstone Chapel. “The Lord put it on Pastor Gary’s heart to start a Christian school,” Botta explains. “He actually called it a ‘rescue mission’ to stop the indoctrination that’s happening in public schools.”

Dr. Sam Botta
Dr. Sam Botta (SOE ’06)

CCA has experienced overwhelming demand, receiving thousands of applications within hours of announcing plans to open its doors in the fall of 2023. Botta’s leadership has been instrumental in guiding the school through a period of rapid growth. He’s ensuring students receive an education that prepares them to navigate the challenges of the world, while remaining rooted in their faith.

Today, the school is thriving with its own 89-acre campus. First-year enrollment “maxed out” at 544 students, but CCA plans to grow by adding a grade every year through high school. Botta shares, “It’s been challenging because so many families want to be part of the school, and we just can’t take them all.”

His journey as an educator began decades ago, but it was Botta’s experience at Regent University that equipped him with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to lead with excellence. As a scholarship recipient, he recognizes the pivotal role that your generosity played in shaping his academic journey and preparing him for a lifetime of service.

Reflecting on his time at Regent, Botta shares, “It was one of those transformational times and watershed moments in my life and for my family. But I wouldn’t have come without their generosity.” He understands the profound impact of investing in institutions like Regent: “What the Lord would put on your heart to give to this university is an investment in the Kingdom of God.”

Your partnership is equipping Christian leaders to impact student learning and success both across America and around the world. Continue your support for Regent University by making a tax-deductible gift here today!

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