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Photo of Emily Jones

You Helped Prepare a CBN News Journalist
To Elevate Reporting in the Middle East

Emily Jones (CAS ‘19) is a multi-media journalist, working for CBN News in Jerusalem. After feeling “very safe” over the past five years living in Jerusalem, she says life in Israel’s capital has changed.

“It’s very clear we are now living in especially dangerous times, as the Israel-Hamas war threatens to ignite the entire region,” Emily explains. “My daily decisions are guided by the constant underlying threat of terrorism or rocket barrages.”

In addition to guidance from the Israel Defense Forces, Emily relies on her reporter’s instincts and believer’s prayers to report from an active war zone. She insists CBN News’ reporting on the Israel-Hamas conflict stands apart from other news organizations’.

“We’re not only reporting on the violence and bloodshed. We also encourage our anchors and correspondents to pray for the victims on air,” she says. “One of my favorite interviews we did was with a former Hezbollah member who had an incredible encounter with the Lord. He became a Christ-follower and left behind a life of terror. It’s stories like these that show God’s redemptive power in the face of incredible darkness.”

Emily Jones

Before working for CBN News in Israel’s capital, she spent several years traveling to the region and studying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, meeting with government officials, and raising awareness about Christian persecution in the Arab world.

Today, while chasing down stories across the Holy Land, Emily remains grateful for the support she received from donors like you, who made her Regent education possible. 

“Donors provide much-needed resources for Regent to offer high-quality education, research, and outreach programs that prepare students, like me, to be servant-leaders who integrate their faith into their careers,” she insists.

Emily adds that your partnership with Regent isn’t only about money. She says your support helped her make life-affirming connections with mentors who greatly influenced her professional success and journey.

“Generous donors allowed me to focus on my studies and pursue my academic and career goals without the stress of overwhelming student loans,” Emily recalls. “The scholarships I received helped shape my life and career trajectory by reducing financial barriers and empowering me to pursue my dreams.”

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