Combating the Trauma of War

April 1, 2024 0 comments
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How Your Generosity Helped Bring
Trauma Relief to the Frontlines in Israel

In the aftermath of unprecedented terror attacks in Israel, your support enabled Regent University’s Ukraine Institute of Education in Psychology and Counseling to swiftly respond, offering crucial trauma training to teams serving on the front lines. 

Regent Psy.D. student Steve Beatty (SPC ’25), in collaboration with his professor Dr. Olya Zaporozhets, played a pivotal role in facilitating Immediate Stabilization Procedure (ISP®) training to Operation Blessing teams as part of their relief efforts in the Holy Land. Via video conference, he shared the trauma-counseling techniques that empowered responders to provide rapid psychological stabilization in the aftermath of crisis.  

Steve Beatty
Steve Beatty, (SPC ’25) 

Dr. Zaporozhets, the director of Regent’s Ukraine Institute, says: “Due to our experience, research, and on-going trauma work in Ukraine, more than 140 psychotherapists in Israel were able to receive the training and begin administering assistance within two weeks of the initial attacks.”

Reflecting on his involvement and the role of Regent donors, Beatty insists, “I would not have been able to do this without their support. I really feel like I have people in my corner who I don’t even know, who are hoping I’m going to make a difference as a Christian leader to change the world. To me, that’s an eternal investment.” 

Your partnership with Regent University is pivotal to equipping compassionate and skilled servant-leaders to address the pressing needs of our world with wisdom, grace, and from a Christian perspective. As we navigate turbulent times, your continued support is crucial to preparing students like Steve to be catalysts for change, and bring hope and healing to communities around the world.

Your generosity enables the School of Psychology and Counseling to swiftly provide vital trauma training to people in urgent need. Help Regent University continue serving on the front lines of hope by making your best tax-deductible gift here.

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