Helping Change a Nation

November 9, 2023 0 comments
Regent University Law student: learn more about giving to Regent University.

Student Finds Hope and Support To Help Make
a Difference in Her Home Country of Lebanon

Growing up in Lebanon, May-Lee Melki (LAW ’23) watched her homeland suffer from corruption, violence and religious persecution. But thanks to a scholarship provided by Regent University donors like you, she received the training needed to begin working to change her country for the better.

Exactly one week after May-Lee left her hometown of Beirut to begin studying at Regent’s School of Law, a massive port explosion devastated much of the capital city. She struggled being away from her family and church at such a difficult time. 

Many people she knew and loved were affected by the disaster. But the unwavering love, compassion and support of her Regent classmates and professors helped ensure her success:

“The negligence that took place in Lebanon, which led to the Beirut port explosion, was even more of an affirmation that the Lord called me to Regent University to study law and allow Him to utilize this degree for His glory,” May-Lee insists. 

“It is on my heart to work in International Law and one day contribute to cases of anti-corruption and human rights,” she adds. “As a young woman who was raised in a Christian family in the Middle East, I cannot thank you enough for choosing to extend this kind support to me.”

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