I Have Walked With The Living God

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In His Latest Book, Regent’s Founder, Chancellor
and CEO Marks His 90th Birthday by Reflecting on
His Life Journey and God’s Miracle-Working Power

Over prayer and a simple lunch of cantaloupe and cottage cheese in 1975, Pat Robertson received a profound mandate from God: Buy some land, build his headquarters, and build a school for His glory. 

Robertson’s answer was as straightforward as his lunch.  

“Yes, Sir,” he replied. 

It’s a response that has served Robertson well in his now 90 years on earth — 60 of which have been dedicated to serving the Lord in ministry while trusting God to direct his every step, often in the face of seemingly impossible odds. 

“When I go back to my early days in seeking the Lord, I go through all the miracles that God has done here over the years — times when I have sought the Lord and He’s spoken to me. It’s an adventure for faith,” says Robertson. 

On the heels of his 90th birthday, Robertson details those faith adventures in his latest book, I Have Walked With The Living God

“I think this book is going to touch a lot of people’s lives,” shares Robertson. “Literally, as I was writing it, I was transported back 40 or 50 years and began to relive the excitement that was involved in starting CBN, Operation Blessing, Regent University, and the other things that I’ve done.” 

When God called Robertson to start the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), he had just arrived in Portsmouth, Virginia, with his wife, Dede, their three children, a U-Haul trailer, and $70. The year was 1959. 

“God said, ‘I want you to buy a television station.’ I didn’t even own a television set!” Robertson recalls. “But before long, through a series of miracles, we were able to acquire a UHF television station. We had one black and white camera … and our first broadcast went on the air October 1, 1961.” 

Today, CBN is one of the world’s largest television ministries and has helped lead hundreds of millions of people around the world to faith in Jesus Christ through television, radio and web programs that have aired in some 200 countries and in more than 100 languages. 

Similarly, after Robertson founded Regent University in 1977 (formerly CBN University), the School of Communication & the Arts launched a year later with seven professors and 77 students in a rented office building. 

“When you step out into God and trust Him, everything is going to work out.”

Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson

Today, it stands among the top elite universities in the nation, employing 139 full-time faculty and having prepared over 27,000 alumni to be Christian leaders who are changing the world.   

“There’s nothing impossible,” says Robertson. “I’ve done a whole lot of things in my life. God spoke to me, my wife and I prayed … He led me through the scriptures and through the years, told me to do this and I did … and here we are.” 

“When you step out into God and trust Him, everything is going to work out,” Robertson added. 

Yet in stepping out — as a religious broadcaster, humanitarian, educator, author, and even a presidential candidate — Robertson says he ultimately wants to be known for one thing: as a man who walked with God, followed His ways and brought Glory to the Almighty. 

“Writing I Have Walked With The Living God has been a very personal journey for me,” says Robertson. “Recounting the ways God has guided me, solidifies my certainty to say ‘He who causes everything to be’ has never failed me once. He is the anchor of my soul.” 

I Have Walked With The Living God is scheduled to release May 19, 2020, and will be available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other national book retailers. 

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