A New Tradition of Student Service

November 9, 2023 0 comments
A photo of the regent students and operation blessing volunteers: Learn more about Giving options at Regent.

Students Practice Servant Leadership Through
Operation Blessing Outreach

You helped Regent students become the hands and feet of Jesus during a new “Welcome Week” activity hosted by Operation Blessing. The on-campus, college-orientation event brought together more than 350 first-time freshmen, undergraduate transfers and other volunteers who packed nearly 800 disaster-relief kits.

Each five-gallon bucket contained emergency supplies to help victims clean and sanitize their homes after a natural disaster. Regent students were able to further bless people in need by writing words of encouragement on the lid of each bucket and praying over the relief kits.

“This event was so significant for new students because it gave them such a valuable introduction into who we are as a Regent family,” said Hailey Todd, a senior and one of the university’s Student Engagement Coordinators. “We strive to serve like Jesus did, and we do what we can to help those around us.”

Those disaster-relief kits were quickly put to good use. Just two weeks later, on August 30, Hurricane Idalia slammed Florida’s Gulf Coast with 125-mph winds, tidal surges and torrential rain. One day after the deadly, Category 3 storm made landfall, a truck arrived at an Operation Blessing facility in Ocala, Florida, to distribute the five-gallon buckets to individuals and families in need.

“This event exemplified what ‘Christian Leadership to Change the World’ looks like—being a servant leader,” explained Audrey Nickell, a Regent junior and Vice President of the College Student Leadership Board.

Because of you, student-led outreaches are one of the many ways Regent students prepare for lives of service and significance. Your prayers and gifts are equipping Christian servant-leaders for God’s glory. Thank you!

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