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Regent University's Robertson Hall, which houses its School of Government.

Regent University Launches Two New Degree Programs

Beginning Fall 2021, the Robertson School of Government will expand their reach with two new degree programs: Master of Arts in International Development and Master of Arts in Campaigns & Political Leadership.

“Wherever there have been poor, vulnerable and marginalized people being lifted up out of poverty, empowered to assert their human dignity, and advancing their human rights, you’ve also found Christians leading the charge,” explains Dr. Andrew Nolte, assistant professor and program director for the M.A. in International Development in the Robertson School of Government.

And Regent is doing just that—leading the charge by becoming the only Christian university to offer a graduate-level international development program in a school of government. 

Nolte says this program is a response in part to the desperately needed academic and professional formation for international development professionals rooted in a Christian worldview.

“We’ll be teaching students about the positive impact Christian values have in the international development space and how to apply that real, deep understanding of human dignity to all aspects of the field—from the sanctity of life to international religious freedom to economic and political empowerment,” says Nolte. 

“We’re hoping we can fundamentally start to change the conversation and demonstrate the basic truth what 2,000 years of history makes abundantly clear: Christianity is the single greatest force for human development and human flourishing in the history of the world.”

Likewise, the M.A. in Campaigns & Political Leadership has some big goals too: create champions for Christ in the political arena.

To do that, the program will not only teach students how to manage and run winning political campaigns for election to public office but how to maintain their faith in an often hostile and difficult battleground.

“Followers of Christ led to serve in politics face intense challenges to their faith,” explains Henry Jones, adjunct professor in the Robertson School of Government. “The very nature of political engagement is pursuit of power, which can quickly become a gateway to pride and a temptation into a multitude of sins that blunt or even derail a leader’s capacity to serve as a champion for Christ.” 

Jones says that courses in the program will utilize immersive simulation to blend the elements of winning campaign techniques with policy and situational responses to help empower and equip Christians to compete in
the electoral arena.

“Students will have learned to successfully face the personal challenges to their faith and public challenges unique to Christian candidates that are now commonplace in today’s campaign environment, whilst running a winning political campaign,” explains Jones. “And in so doing, these Regent graduates will, by God’s grace, truly be equipped as Christian leaders prepared to change the world.”

To learn more about the M.A. in International Development or M.A. in Campaigns & Political Leadership, visit or call 800.373.5504.

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