Indivisible Under God

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Regent Alums Play Key Roles in Bringing an
Extraordinary True Story to the Silver Screen

In 2004, the success of Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ ushered in a Golden Age of faith-based films. Over the past 15 years, dozens of family-friendly, pro-faith movies have made their way to the silver screen. Studios brave enough to offer them on wide release have been rewarded with healthy box-office receipts. Audiences are inspiring and empowering filmmakers to keep the cameras rolling. 

One recently released faith-based film brought together two Regent alumni to share an extraordinary true story. Cheryl McKay (SCA ’95), a feature-film screenwriter, served as a contributing writer on Indivisible, a film based on actual events in the life of U.S. Army Chaplain Darren Turner (SOD ’06).

Indivisible, which debuted in theaters nationwide October 26, 2018, follows Turner and his wife Heather as they fight to save their marriage “when war etches battle scars on their hearts.” The film’s tagline, “One marriage, one family, under God,” offers a simple message.

“It was an amazing story,” says Ann LeBlanc, Regent University’s vice president of Alumni Relations & Events. “I’m so proud of both Cheryl and Darren for their amazing work getting Indivisible to the screen. My family loved every minute of it!”

McKay called the film “a very special project to work on” and was “honored to be brought on board” the project: “Normally, I wouldn’t have been drawn to a war movie. But when I heard about Darren’s story, an Army chaplain who sought to save marriages but almost lost his, I knew I had to be involved.”

When asked if he ever thought the difficult experiences his family endured would be made into a feature film, Turner replied: “Not at all. Unfortunately, our story isn’t unique. Many military families we know go through similar struggles. … We’re humbled that our marriage and family were restored by what Christ did in us and through us.”

“There’s a raw authenticity you can bring to a story when someone lived it.”

Cheryl McKay

“I love working on true stories and getting to know the people behind them,” McKay added. “There’s a raw authenticity you can bring to a story when someone lived it.”

Indivisible does a great job of portraying not only the military members on deployment,” Turner insisted. “But it captures the real and raw lives of families back home.”

Turner began his studies at Regent in 2004: “Before that time, I was an associate pastor in Georgia with no ties to the military. I came to Regent specifically to prepare me for the chaplaincy.” He continued, “God used Regent to shape me into a better minister and chaplain by providing me with opportunities to grow in my faith and knowledge — and to share that with others.”

McKay says the university prepared her for the work she was called to do as a successful screenwriter. “I learned so much about story and structure, formatting, themes, and writing scripts while at Regent,” she said. “I knew I wanted to change the world and felt that film is a wonderful way to impact hearts and lives. Regent equipped me for that through their film program.”

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