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Regent University alumnus Sean Knox with his family and dog.

Regent Alum Sean Knox Shares the Why Behind His Giving

In many ways, one could say that Sean Knox was born to be a leader.

Sean (RSG ’03) is the CEO—and fourth-generation leader—of a family-run business started in the 1920s by his great grandfather and later run by his granddad and dad. That company was sold in the 1980s. However, in 1995, Sean’s father, equipped with a loan and Sean and his brother’s help, restarted the family business.

Leadership and success, however, is much more than just a birthright for Sean. It is also the result of a cultivated calling that was nurtured during his time at Regent University.

“Regent was quite impactful on my life, in that it put me in a Christ-centered academic setting and community as I had never been around before,” says Sean. “To be around so many believers in a setting that embraces Christianity and higher learning was an incredible experience.”

Sean initially arrived at Regent to pursue an MBA on the heels of earning his BBA from Georgia Southern University. Still, an interest in politics steered him toward earning an M.A. in Public Policy instead.

“The school is living up to their promise and vision, so if I can help raise educated Christian leaders through my gifts, I feel honored.”

Sean Knox

“Frankly, I thought I might end up lobbying in the D.C. area until the opportunity opened up for me back home, and I decided to go into the family business,” Sean shares.

Together with his brother, Sean helped grow his family’s Georgia-based business from one office to 18 locations across five states in the southeast, serving over 90,000 customers and employing more than 225 team members. He’s been recognized as a Five Under 40 leader in his community, a recipient of the J.R. Allen Young Leader Award, and served on boards with the Chamber of Commerce, Boys & Girls Club, Rotary Club, and more.

But Sean’s impact doesn’t stop there. He’s on a mission to give back and empower other future leaders through his financial support of Regent University.

When asked why he gives, Sean says, “It’s all about leadership, and I believe in Regent’s mission of Christian Leadership to Change the World.” He adds, “Now, more now than ever, be it in politics, business or education, godly leadership is desperately needed. The school is living up to their promise and vision, so if I can help raise educated Christian leaders through my gifts, I feel honored.”

Your support matters! Visit regent.edu/annualfund and join fellow alums like Sean to help continue Regent’s mission. 

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