The Importance of Annual Giving

November 5, 2020 0 comments
A Regent University graduate holding a diploma during the commencement ceremony in Virginia Beach.

Every Gift Keeps Regent Strong

There’s something paramount to the success of an institution like Regent University and its students. Behind its world-class facilities, renowned faculty, high-quality education, and global mission is a support system that makes it all possible. It’s Annual Giving and, as Regent’s Vice President of Advancement Chris Lambert explains, it plays an essential role in equipping students for success.  

“The support provided by Annual Giving donors propels the institution from sustaining to thriving,” says Lambert. “We need resources to provide the highest-quality education to our students at the most affordable price.” 

Annual Giving ensures all of Regent’s needs are met while keeping tuition costs as low as possible. Since tuition and fees paid by a student only cover about 52% of the cost of their Regent education, the university has to make up the difference through additional sources of revenue. Without the financial support that comes from alumni and friends through Annual Giving, the average student’s tuition bill would increase dramatically, keeping many deserving students from pursuing their Regent education.

“We need resources to provide the highest-quality education to our students at the most affordable price.”

Chris Lambert

That kind of impact is what inspired Lambert to serve at Regent, having spent more than 12 years of his career working in wealth management and private banking.

“As I was growing in my faith, I wanted to work for an institution and clients who were making an investment in something more than a larger portfolio. I wanted to work alongside others who wanted to make an impact, and at times through endowments, an impact that can last forever,” Lambert shares.

An alumnus read at Regent University's prayer garden in Virginia Beach, VA 23464.

Therein lies the beauty—and sometimes the misnomer—behind Annual Giving

As noted by Lambert’s colleague Stephen Bruce, vice president for business administration at Regent, Annual Giving is just that: a gift made in a particular year which will go to meet certain needs of the university in that same year. However the impact doesn’t end at 365 days.

“The benefit of the Regent Annual Fund is that these gifts have nearly unlimited potential. They have immediate impact with ripple effects that can be felt even beyond the year in which the gift was made,” says Bruce. “We have an opportunity to leave our imprint on people we’ll never know who will go on to bless others through their work and witness.” 

And every gift—no matter the amount—is important. 

“I can attest that all gifts matter, and we work diligently to ensure the same stewardship that led to the gift is carried forward in our use of the gift,” continues Bruce.

Annual Fund gifts also fortify Regent’s ability to continue meeting needs in the face of challenging times, and reduces the need to draw from endowment—assuring the long-term future of the university.

“Each gift is an investment in the future of Regent University and its students,” shares Lambert. “What better place than Regent University, where its entire purpose is to send students beyond its walls to change the world.” 

Help keep Regent strong through your annual giving! Visit or call 800.335.4409 to make your gift today.

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