Regent Alumni World Changers: Capri and Ingo Tophoven

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Regent World Changers: An image of the globe overlaid on a collage of Regent life.

Capri and Ingo Tophoven, ’93 & ’96 School of Psychology & Counseling

Capri and Ingo Tophoven are professional counselors and missionaries in Berlin, Germany. Married for more than 20 years, they met as students at Regent’s School of Psychology & Counseling in 1991. Originally from Germany, Ingo left his homeland in 1989 to gain a Christian education. Capri came to Regent from Texas with a dream to counsel missionary children.

After starting their own counseling business in Texas, the couple decided to move their “Blue Skies Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting” ministry to Berlin in 2008. They offer free or donation-based counseling and consulting services to pastors, missionaries, Christian workers and their families.

Ingo weding“I want to create impact in Germany that goes beyond helping one pastor, one marriage, one family or one church at a time,” Ingo says. “My vision is to have a host of competent Christian counselors, educators and researchers operate out of Berlin. At this point, we are looking for supporters and investors that share our vision.”

Capri adds, “My role as a therapist and missionary is rooted in being authentic with people who are hurting badly. Therefore, trauma work is an area where I have focused, and I want to see it grow in Europe, especially now that we have millions of traumatized refugees entering the country. By serving missionaries and pastors, God is using us to provide encouragement and support to those who are on the front lines of missions work.”

For more information about their Berlin-based ministry, “Blue Skies,” click here or send them an email.
Please join Regent University in praying for Capri and Ingo Tophoven, April’s “Alumni World Changers.”

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