Regent World Changer: Chelsen Vicari

May 25, 2018 0 comments
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Chelsea Vicari ‘11

After attending a secular liberal arts college in southwest Virginia, Chelsen Vicari ’11 (RSG), planned to go to law school. “While law school didn’t work out for me,” she explains. “I now can see how God’s providential hand directed every one of my footsteps to the Robertson School of Government (RSG).”

Vicari initially enrolled in Regent’s School of Law but found her academic and professional niche at RSG. Today, as the Evangelical Action director at The Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD), she confronts the increasing pressure on evangelicals — especially young evangelicals — to remain silent on the sanctity of human life, the deterioration of the traditional family, and attacks on religious liberty at home and abroad.

Vicari tells Impact, “I do this through public speaking at churches and colleges, blog posts, reports, radio and television interviews, and my published book Distortion: How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel and Damaging the Faith in 2014.”

Calling her theology “a bit left-leaning” before attending Regent, Vicari says, “Thankfully, my professors at RSG — alongside my parents and ultimately the Holy Spirit — helped me realize how far my worldview had drifted away from the authority of Scripture. Now, I use my past experience with liberal teaching to witness to other young evangelicals through my work at IRD.”

As Vicari works to defend conservative Christian perspectives on various social and political issues, she’s grateful that Regent prepares its students to approach their chosen fields of study with a gospel-centered perspective: “What a blessing to have such a unique education experience that perfectly equips us to ‘go forth and make disciples of all nations.’ The world needs Good News. Regent alumni are trained to share it.”

Please join the entire Regent University community in praying for Chelsen Vicari, May’s Alumni World Changer.

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