Regent World Changer: Natasha Moore

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Natasha Moore (CAS ’19 & RSG ’20) is on a mission to serve her country, community and fellow man — and it all started when she was a little girl.

When most kids were getting their faces painted with rainbows and animals, Moore was getting hers painted with camouflage. Her great-grandfather had served in the military, followed by her uncle, and then Moore had decided it was her turn — a decision she made as a child after talking with soldiers at a Veterans Day picnic.

“They painted my face (camouflage) and told me about the military’s mission and what soldiers do,” says Moore. 

Natasha Moore (CAS ’19 & RSG ’20)

Today, this Navy veteran of seven years has already accomplished a lot  — from helping ready and commission the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, to serving on President Donald Trump’s security detail, to now working as a security specialist in the Navy Reserve.

But those moments almost didn’t happen. Moore had dropped out of high school to join the workforce, so when it came time to enlist in the Navy, which required a General Educational Development (GED) diploma and 15 college credits, Moore had a decision to make.

“That’s where I turned my life to focus on my education, as well as serving my country,” says Moore.

She earned her GED and an associate degree while deployed with the Navy but didn’t stop there. Moore joined Regent University’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program, later separating from active duty in 2018 and going into the reserve to focus full time on finishing her bachelor’s degree — which she did with honors in 2019. 

But Moore wanted more for herself and her career with the military. She intends to return to the military, however, this time as a commissioned officer and with a second degree.

Moore joins this year’s graduating Class of 2020, earning her Master of Public Administration (MPA) with a concentration in Emergency Management & Homeland Security from the Robertson School of Government.

Service, be it as a veteran or a volunteer, not only reflects Moore’s heart, but it’s also what drew her to Regent, along with the university’s tremendous support for military students. Moore says the relevance of her MPA program has prepared her for situations she may encounter in the field.  The help she received through the Military Resource Center also was instrumental in her success.

“It takes a village of support to provide the guidance to create a successful veteran,” says Moore. She adds, “Regent’s Military Resource Center stepped up to the role. They introduced me to a network of mentors and went the extra mile to support me.”

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