Transforming America’s Schools

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Regent Partners Equip Christian Leaders to Impact
Student Learning and Success in the Classroom

American public education is in crisis. National test scores in math and reading continue to fall, while across the country, schools are facing criticism for controversial curriculums and practices that many feel are inhibiting learning in core skills.

Compounding these issues is a critical shortage of teachers and administrators — an indication this crisis will not end anytime soon. But thanks to friends like you, hope for transforming America’s schools can be found at Regent University’s School of Education (SOE). 

“Our mission is deeply rooted in a commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service, framed within a biblically based, Christian perspective,” says Dr. Kurt Kreassig, dean of SOE. 

Kreassig adds that, by instilling values of integrity, compassion, and purpose, SOE trains graduates who are capable of transformative, ethical leadership and have a heart for educational service. 

Together, with your support, Regent University can equip the next generation of Christian educational leaders to change the world—one classroom and one school at a time.

In one local school system, SOE alumni are having a tremendous impact. Regent’s Office of Alumni Relations found that 66% of Chesapeake (VA) schools are led by a Regent graduate in the role of principal or assistant principal. Two SOE alumna serve students together with excellence at Butts Road Primary.

Dr. Kathy Galford and Dr. Karen Sweeney

As principal and assistant principal, Dr. Kathy Galford (SOE ’18) and Dr. Karen Sweeney (SOE ’23), work to “empower growth” at their school while modeling Christian values to develop caring relationships with students and their families.

“My job is to empower teachers with the best tools, including collaboration, caring, and empathy, that can be used to serve our students and families in the best way possible,” Galford shares.

“What distinguishes Butts Road Primary,” Sweeney explains, “is its unique blend of genuine care for our students’ well-being, sense of community, and commitment to student academic success. It is exciting
to be part of a school culture that values relationships among all stakeholders and embraces a growth mindset.”

Galford adds, “It is amazing to work closely with another Regent graduate who shares my values. We have a special relationship and trust. We regularly pray together for our school, students, staff, and families.”

Dr. Glenn Koonce, an associate professor at SOE and Director of Educational Leadership, K-12 School Leadership, and Advanced Educational Leadership Programs, insists the faith-based leadership of SOE alumni, like Drs. Galford and Sweeney, positively impacts student learning and success every day.

“We see these two alums as a reflection of all our graduates who become school leaders,” says Koonce. “Through seeking wisdom and knowledge to serve and edify others, both alumna focus on providing quality instruction, building a productive school climate, promoting collaboration, and supporting professional development among teachers and the entire Butts Road Primary School community.”

It is amazing to work closely with another Regent graduate who shares my values. We have a special relationship and trust. We regularly pray together for our school, students, staff, and families.

Dr. Kathy Galford (SOE ’18)

Thanks to the support of friends like you, current and future SOE students can access resources they need to pursue their education goals, while reducing long-term debt. 

“For years, my own school principals had pushed me to look into expanding my career into administration,” Galford says. “Without the generous donations that made my scholarship possible, I never would have had these amazing opportunities to make a positive difference.” 

Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of students struggling against increasing costs and rising inflation. With your continued support, we can help end America’s education crisis by equipping even more Christian leaders to change the world for God’s glory.

“I know the power of scholarship and the weight it can lift off of the shoulders of those pursuing their education,” Sweeney insists. “Scholarships and financial aid enable them to follow their passions, reach their full potential, build opportunities for future generations, and change the world for the better.”

Your continued support for Regent University is equipping the world’s next generation of Christian leaders in the classroom. Stand with us in the fight for parent and student success by clicking here now.

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