Unwavering Faith

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A Regent Alumna and Her Husband Step Out in Faith To
Increase Their Giving in the Midst of a Grim Health Diagnosis

When faced with a challenging medical situation, most people become introspective. They think about themselves, their loved ones, and what it will take to get better. A Regent alumna who recently found herself in that position is choosing to focus her vision outwardly. She wants to make an impact that will equip Christian leaders to change the world.

The alumna at the center of this inspiring story has asked to remain anonymous. We can share that she received both her Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership from Regent. 

Following graduation, she stayed connected with Regent through on-campus events in Virginia Beach and through the local alumni chapter. In addition to donating hundreds of books to the Regent University Library, she met with the Office of Advancement staff several times over the years to discuss how supporting the university could align with her interests.

After much prayer and discussion, the couple felt led to establish an endowed scholarship for the School of Divinity. This type of scholarship is the gift that keeps giving, as donations are invested to produce an income stream that funds the scholarship in perpetuity.

At a meeting with Dr. Corné J. Bekker, dean of the School of Divinity, and Christopher Lambert, vice president for Advancement, the generous couple signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Regent University; and committed to donating $10,000 per year for three years to fund their scholarship.

“We strongly felt that the best investment we could make in God’s Kingdom would be to help a divinity student who will accurately teach the Bible—not make it politically correct,” she insists. 

But shortly after mailing their first check to Regent, they received a chilling medical diagnosis. The news was unwanted, unexpected and unnerving.

“I found a lump in my breast,” she recalls. “A mammogram disclosed that the lump probably was due to calcification. However, an ‘abnormal’ lump was found almost adjacent to that lump. I am pursuing follow-up treatment, but my husband and I have encountered many unusual and challenging situations that have caused us to seriously consider this might be spiritual warfare.”

Determined to win the battle they face, the couple refuses to waver in their faith or surrender to fear. In fact, they reached down deeper and decided to fight by increasing their support for Regent.

“While walking one morning, I felt a strong conviction that the $10,000 per year was to be increased to $12,000 per year,” she explains. “My conviction is that this is not about saving for our future but investing into God’s Kingdom work now. This is a strong faith walk, but we both have peace about the path we have chosen for financial support of Regent University.”

As the couple walks that path together, they pray daily for Regent University and other Christian schools at every educational level. They understand that the times in which we live require many well-trained workers for the Lord’s harvest. 

“We hear of the battles Christian individuals, organizations, schools, and universities face daily,” she says. “We know God’s hand of favor is on Regent University and will continue to be there as long as we continue equipping Christian leaders to change the world. We are proud to do our small part to help equip a future spiritual leader to do his or her part in sharing the Gospel where they are planted.”

To learn more about endowed scholarships, visit regent.edu/support.

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