2021 Regent Court of Benefactors

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The Regent University chapel and Divinity Building.

Scripture tells us in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Members of the Regent Court of Benefactors have chosen to place their treasure in the form of their time, talents and finances with Regent University. As co-laborers who share our heart for equipping Christian leaders to change the world, these individuals and organizations play an active role in shaping both the history and future of Regent University. It is our honor and privilege to recognize the 2021 Regent Court of Benefactors.


$1M+ Lifetime

Individual Donors

Drs. Kenneth A. & Roberta E. Eldred

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Gregory

Dr. Kay P. Khoo

Mr. & Mrs. Howard W. Long

Ms. Betsy N. McCormack

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin E. Orr

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Saltsgiver

Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Shaw

Anonymous Donors (4)

Donor Organizations

American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel

Anonymous Donors (1)

$100,000+ Lifetime

Individual Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ahmanson 

Mr. Arthur L. Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey P. Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Bailey Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Baker III 

Mr. John Sainsbury & Ms. Susan Boarman-Sainsbury 

Mr. Frederick D. Bornman

Mr. Kurt H. Broecker& Mrs. Mary B. Broecker 

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Brown 

Ms. Dianne Cash 

Admiral & Mrs. Vernon E. Clark 

Mr. Richard C. Csaplar Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Daugherty 

Mr. Brian R. Dinning, Esq. 

Mr. Ralph R. Domdey 

Ms. Eleanor L. Dooner 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Fick 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Flynn, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Fricks 

Mr. & Mrs. Foster Friess 

Mr. Winthrop W. Gilman 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Royden Goodson III 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Gregory 

Ms. Joan L. Ingram 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith L. LaFrance 

Ms. Ruby C. Lawrence 

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Ledbetter

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Levy 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Lewis 

Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey E. Loving Jr. 

Mr. John H. Martinson Sr. 

Mr. William L. Maynard 

Ms. Cheryl P. McLeskey 

Senator & Mrs. Jeffrey L. McWaters 

Mr. & Mrs. David V. Melilli 

Ms. Nancy Ann Ranken Moffitt 

Mr. B. F. Moomaw Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lowell W. Morse 

Dr. Elizabeth Norman & Mr. Ronald Norman 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Pilcher 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Quinn 

Dr. & Mrs. John E. Reese 

Mr. Carl R.G. Renoud 

The Honorable & Mrs. E. Scott Rigell 

Dr. & Mrs. M. G. Robertson 

Dr. & Mrs. William E. Rodriguez-Hirsch 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Snelling Sr. 

Captain & Mrs. Luther J. Stallings III 

Dr. Joseph B. Stokes Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Sullivan 

Mr. & Mrs. Nahum and Laura Tate 

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Tragos 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Peter Vann 

Dr. & Mrs. Roger L. Visser 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Waites 

Mr. Robert C. Walker 

Dr. & Mrs. Don C. Warrington 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Waugh 

Dr. Richard K. White & Mrs. Lesley White  

Mr. Jack B. Burton &
Ms. Jennifer L. Whitelaw 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Tucker Yates 

Mr. & Mrs. Benny L. Yount

Anonymous Donor 

Donor Organizations

Allen Systems Group, Inc. 

American Association for the Advancement of Science 

Beazley Foundation, Inc. 

Benny Hinn Ministries 

Charles Koch Foundation 

Chatlos Foundation, Inc. 

Clancy & Theys Construction Company 

Clapham Group, LLC 

Cox Communications, Inc 

Edgar & Elsa Prince Foundation 

Fieldstead & Company 

High Pressure Equipment Company 

Hon Foundation 

Inventory Procurement Services, Inc. 

Jamaica Broilers Group Foundation 

John Templeton Foundation 

Kingdom Oil Company 

Kingdom School and Ministry 

Life Enrichment Foundation 

Lilly Endowment Inc 

Maclellan Foundation, Inc. 

McLeskey & Associates, LLC 

Mychal Institute, LLC 

Newington Cropsey Foundation 

Office of Justice Programs 


Warwick Plumbing & Heating Corporation 

$25,000 – $99,999*

Individual Donors

Dr. and Mrs. William D. Bloodworth, II

Ms. E. Bernice Perkins

$10,000 – $24,999*

Individual Donors

Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Herron 

Mr. & Mrs. John Stillion 

$1,000 – $9,999*

Individual Donors

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Atkinson 

Dr. & Mrs. George O. Bailey Sr. 

Mr. Kurt T. Bailey 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Balouziyeh Jr. 

Ms. Rosalinda L. Baron 

Ms. Sarah J. Berry 

Mr. & Mrs. Blair A. Bower, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Eugene Boyce 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Brauch 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Bringard 

Ms. Annigje J. Buwalda, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Chalfin 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Coughlin 

Dr. Mara T. Crabtree & Mr. Thomas Crabtree   

Ms. Carol L. Crymble 

Dr. & Mrs. Jeffery S. Curtiss 

Dr. Edwin C. Daley 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward B. Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Desandro, Esq. 

Dr. & Mrs. Barry A. Doublestein 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Taylor Fain Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Fast, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. Dale L. Fenwick 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Gaston 

Dr. Doris Gomez & Rev. Nile Gomez 

Honorable & Mrs. Michael K. Hardin Jr. 

Ms. Marie Harrill 

Mr. Robert Harvey 

Mr. Michael A. Iaconelli 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis K. Isakoff 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Jenkins 

Rev. Linda A. Jennings & Mr. Thomas M. Jennings 

Mr. Alexander T. Julian 

Mr. & Mrs. Sean M. Knox 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Knox Jr. 

Pastor & Mrs. William Krause 

Ms. Robin C. Kunikis 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Lambert 

Dr. Dianne Lawrence & Mr. Larry Lawrence 

Mr. Willie Lee III 

Mr. Thomas C. Leighton 

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley J Lingo 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Lowe 

Mr. Bertram E. MacColl 

Chief Justice Mark D. Martin & Mrs. Kym Martin 

Mr. Scott D. McGregor 

Ms. Kathleen A. McKee 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A. Miller 

Dr. Tyler Miller & Dr. Bridget Miller 

Honorable Henry C. Morgan Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George and Susan Moritz 

Dr. & Mrs. John E. Mulford Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron I. Mullen 

Dr. Ashley Newcomb & Mr. Larry Newcomb II 

Mr. Paul Okatahi 

Ms. Priscilla J. Oster 

Mr. Edward M. Pabalan 

Mr. James W. Paine 

Mrs. Mary L. Payne 

Mrs. Charlotte F. Phillips 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Pritchard 

Vinitha Seevaratnam 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Shafer 

Dr. Jeffrey Sim 

Mr. Leon K. Smith& Mrs. Carolyn V. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua S. Smith 

Dr. Kevin P. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Martha Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Akinbowale Oludare Soluade 

Mrs. Jean L. Stone 

Dr. & Mrs. Kaare Strom 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Farnaz Thompson 

Ms. Laura Till, Esq. 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Umidi 

Mr. Bryce K. Vinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Dean Walker 

Mr. David A. Walters 

Mr. Gary L. Weeks 

Hon. & Mrs. Gregory E. Wilhelm 

Dr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Winston 

Anonymous Donors (2)

Donor Organizations

Prepared for the Journey LLC 

Desandro Law Group PLLC 

First Presbyterian Church 

Hoogendoorn & Talbot, LLP 

Anonymous Donors (2)

Thank You

We are humbled by your partnership, prayers
and gifts that are truly making an impact in the
lives of Regent students, the university and beyond.

*With the exception of the Society of the Crown and Shield and the Chancellor’s Court, membership in the 2021
Regent Court of Benefactors is based on giving during fiscal year 2021 (July 1, 2020, thru June 30, 2021)


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