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Regent’s New Planned Giving Resources Can Help You Leave a Legacy

Through thoughtful gift planning, the legacy of love and care that you leave for your family and friends can be encouraging and even inspiring. A well-thought-out plan enables you to make an enduring impact on the people and causes you care about while providing tax and income benefits for you and your loved ones. The thought of making an estate plan may seem daunting, but Regent now offers some resources that can help.

Impact reached out to Brad Phillips, executive director of Major & Planned Giving, to learn about Regent’s new planned giving website and the recent ramp-up of the university’s planned giving program.

Why create a planned giving website? 

I think it’s important for our alumni and friends to know that we are in the business of accepting planned gifts and that we have the in-house expertise to assist them with their estate and charitable planning needs. The new planned giving website will provide a platform for introducing potential donors to the types of gifts and giving opportunities available and hopefully pique their interest in further conversation.

Brad Phillips (LAW ’95)

What will the new planned giving website offer to our Regent alumni and friends?

Often a donor can’t make a large outright gift to an organization during their lifetime. Planned gifts enable donors to create a powerful philanthropic legacy by making a larger and more impactful gift through their estate. Many people are unfamiliar with the options and benefits of making a legacy gift or how to go about it. That’s where the website comes in. Regent’s planned giving website offers valuable information and tools to help donors make informed decisions about the planned giving strategies that best fit their needs. Through the website, individuals can also connect with our team to ask questions and get further assistance.

What do you enjoy most about working with a donor on a planned gift?

I think it is very rewarding to help others find the most efficient ways to transfer their wealth to the people and organizations that they care about while at the same time minimizing what goes to the IRS! Planned gifts can offer substantial tax savings to donors, especially on appreciated properties and securities. A planned gift can reduce income tax and help the donor avoid capital gains tax.

Why is a planned giving program vital to an organization like Regent University?

Regent is still relatively young as compared to other universities. We are not yet blessed with a billion-dollar endowment. Planned gifts, although usually deferred, can have a significant impact on the bottom line here, helping to ensure the continuation of our mission for years to come.

To learn more about legacy gifts and how they can benefit you while supporting Regent University in the future, visit For questions, please email or call 800.335.4409.

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