A Dream Fulfilled

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George Thomas Regent University Alumnus of the year 2023.

George Thomas (SCA ’95) Regent University’s
2023 Alumnus of the Year

In the close to three decades since George Thomas graduated from the School of Communication and the Arts, he has worked to fulfill a deep calling—telling inspiring stories of the people behind the news as a senior international correspondent and co-anchor for CBN News. For his courageous frontline reports on faith, struggle, and hope from more than 100 countries, Regent University named Thomas the 2023 Alumnus of the Year.

During Thomas’ acceptance speech, he gratefully explained: “Each time I step on or off a plane or cross a country border by car, ship, or train—whether in Kabul, Afghanistan; Taipei, Taiwan; Kyiv, Ukraine; or Lusaka, Zambia—I pinch myself. I’ve pinched myself thousands of times over the years.”

He does that because, as a six-year-old boy born and raised on the African continent by Indian parents, Thomas had a dream to travel the world as a television reporter. From the
Commencement platform, he shared:

Regent University Alumnus of the Year George Thomas
George Thomas (SCA ’95)

“That dream was nurtured at a young age by my father, who gave me a profound love for travel and adventure, and by my mother, who gave me a deep appreciation for culture, people, and the art of storytelling.”

After graduating from Messiah College in 1993, he landed a position with CNN in Washington, D.C. Thomas was confident his childhood dream was taking shape, but God had other plans.

“I suddenly found myself walking the grounds of this beautiful campus,” he recalled. “I didn’t want to be here. I couldn’t understand why my dream would bring me here…I felt God had pulled the rug out from under my feet.”

But six months into his master’s program, something changed when Thomas heard directly from God.

“The Lord said, ‘George, I know you are angry with Me. You can choose to continue being upset and frustrated, but there’s another option. If you yield your heart and trust Me, I have something better in store for you here on the grounds of Regent and CBN.”

Instantly, his heart melted, and Thomas obeyed. His obedience resulted in unparalleled reporting from some of the biggest global events in recent history. In jest, he wondered aloud why it took 27 years to be named “Alumnus of the Year.”

Dream the impossible. When your dream or calling takes a detour. Don’t give up. When the hardships come, take a stand.

“To be honest,” Thomas admitted, “I know why it took Regent this long to give me this award. It wasn’t the right time before. It is the right time today…Sitting amongst you, the class of 2023, is my oldest son, Gabriel Thomas, who is graduating from the College of Arts & Sciences. I’m so proud of you.”

Gabriel, who graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor’s in business, told IMPACT, “Until two days before Commencement, I had no idea he was the Alumnus of the Year…I hope we can continue to be Christian leaders to change the world together!”

Thomas’ charge to Regent graduates was bold and personal: “To you, my beloved son, and by extension, your fellow-graduates, I  urge you to dream. Dream big. Don’t limit yourself. Dream the impossible. When your dream or calling takes a detour. Don’t give up. When the hardships come, take a stand.”

“From covering wars in Afghanistan…to the recent conflict in Ukraine, the Lord continues to honor and fulfill my dream,” Thomas insisted. “Pinching myself is a way to remind me to never forget the dream He gave me 46 years ago. Today, I’m living that dream—thanks to the grace and mercy of God.”

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