Chancellor’s Award Winner

July 26, 2023 0 comments
Professor Walton at Regent University Commencement 2023.

Energy, Enthusiasm and Excellence

During Commencement, Regent University recognizes a faculty member for their extraordinary support of the school’s mission and contributions to the graduates’ success. During this year’s ceremony, Regent Law Associate Dean and Professor S. Ernie Walton received the 2023 Chancellor’s Award.

Professor S Ernie Walton
Professor S. Ernie Walton (LAW ’11)

Walton joined the Regent community as a law student in 2008 and graduated at the top of his class with a juris doctor degree in 2011. After practicing law in the private sector, he returned to the university in 2013 as executive director of the Center for Global Justice, a world-class authority on international justice and human trafficking.

Currently serving as associate dean for administration and admission, Walton also functions as the School of Law’s chief of staff, chief financial officer, and chief admissions officer. Because Chancellor’s Award recipients are NOT notified beforehand, Walton was stunned when his name was announced.

“I was completely shocked. I honestly couldn’t believe it,” he recalled. “It was an amazing experience. My students cheered so loudly. That was probably the most rewarding part of all.”

In his announcement of the Chancellor’s Award, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. William Hathaway, highlighted Walton’s record of excellence at Regent Law.

“He does all of this work with infectious energy, enthusiasm, and the joy of the Lord,” Hathaway explained. “As an assistant professor in the School of Law, Dean Walton is a much-loved professor and mentor, as well as a gifted teacher who has achieved a 97% average course evaluation over the past several years. Students applaud his teaching, clear instruction, prompt grading, wealth of knowledge, and passion for law.”

“He does all of this work with infectious energy, enthusiasm, and the joy of the Lord.”

Dr. William Hathaway

Walton told IMPACT, “We need true Christian leaders who embody humility and service—leaders who know that it is their job to not just speak truth but to sacrifice for others. This is what Regent University is all about.”

Walton also shared what this prestigious award means to him: “I love Regent University, and it is an honor to work here. Many of my colleagues were my professors, and I look up to all of them so much. To be recognized amongst such amazing men and women of God is truly a humbling experience.”

“We offer the best legal education in the nation,” Walton added. “I have the privilege of helping our amazing Dean Brad Lingo run the law school, and it’s an exciting time to be at Regent Law! We have never been stronger; our rankings are growing, and our influence in the Kingdom is expanding. To have the privilege of helping steward this amazing program is awesome.”

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