Growing Business From the Inside Out The Office of Alumni Relations & Events announces an exciting, new benefit for Regent graduates

October 30, 2018 0 comments

For alumni who’ve wanted to use their Regent University connections to grow a business or practice, now they can. This fall, the university’s Office of Alumni Relations & Events will launch the Alumni Business Listing — an online, searchable directory where graduates can promote their businesses and professional services. This free benefit makes it easier for alumni to expand their reach and grow their customer base inside and outside the Regent community.

An easy-to-use resource, it only takes a few clicks to create an Alumni Business Listing. Almost instantly, you’ll begin connecting colleagues, clients, family members and friends with the businesses and professional services of Regent alumni in your area. Business listings can only be added by Regent alumni, but the database can be searched by anyone.

“Our efforts are all about building and renewing relationships.”

Ann Leblanc

“The Office of Alumni Relations receives lots of phone calls asking for recommendations and referrals of Regent graduates who provide specific professional services, including legal help,” says Lyn Kaiser, executive director of Alumni Relations. “The Alumni Business Listing will be promoted on Facebook, and through a recurring ad in the university’s Impact newsletter.”

Kaiser adds that, even if you don’t own a business, users can still find Regent alumni who offer professional services they need. They can search by industries and law-practice areas, and then filter by city, state or region. The listing also enables users to look up a specific business with just an alum’s name.

Even in its trial phase, the Alumni Business Listing has already benefited Regent graduates. “I got a phone call from a law alum who was looking for a lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona,” explains Regent alumni officer Joshua Liotta ’16. “We conveniently had a Regent Law graduate sign up for the listing already who is in that area, so I was able to share that lawyer’s info with her. She was really excited about the Alumni Business Listing and wants to be a part of it.”

The Office of Alumni Relations & Events seeks to inspire, engage and connect with Regent graduates by providing significant and beneficial networking opportunities. “An engaged alumni is a sign of a healthy university,” says Ann Leblanc, vice president for the Office of Alumni Relations & Events. “Our efforts are all about building and renewing relationships. We also want to keep our alumni aware of the exciting happenings and opportunities at Regent. The Alumni Business Listing is our newest one.”

If you have questions about the Alumni Business Listing, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or visit

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